Results in Only Three Days a Week


The Three Day Body simplifies your training and nutrition so you get results and can still enjoy your life at the same time!



Does this sound familiar?


It's been a crazy year and you just want a solid training plan to take to the gym.  


You want to lose weight and gain muscle without frustration.


Trying to juggle everything in life seems to make it impossible, let alone to get great workouts in.


You are tired of diets, gimmicks, and racing the clock... you just want something sustainable but with results.


You are busy and life can be hard these days, you just need training and nutrition simplified. 


You want to be able to get as lean as you want and love yourself enough to give yourself grace, too.  You want to be able to have more control.


You get to the gym and you just want someone to tell you what to do so you can put your mental energy to the more important things in life.  


You have a life to live and don't want to obsess about the gym, counting calories or macros, but still want to make progress.





Imagine if...




Imagine if your training and nutrition is simplified so you can enjoy your life.


 You can be where it matters most, while also getting RESULTS.


How would it feel...


If you got the results you wanted in only three hours per week, so you don't miss out on precious time doing what you love with those you love?  


There is a way...

to lose fat and gain muscle in only three hours a week. 


There is a way....

to still make progress without obsessing over every morsel you eat.


There is a way....

to still enjoy your life while getting results, too. 



After wanting the same thing for myself, I sought out the best.  I went from working out an exhausted six days a week and sometimes twice a day, to only three days a week.  I've been able to do twice as much in half the time while having the body I want.


With that approach, I had more time to run my business, be more present with husband and daughter, guard my self-care, and take better care of my overall health.  Not only that, but competing in two sports nationally.  


I discovered that training and nutrition was never supposed to be that hard, and that's where The Three Day Body was born.  


Featured in's top 20 physiques, multi-national qualifier, and top 10 nationally in Figure Competitions, I used this approach.  I dialed back the intensity when I wanted to relax a little too.  Or when I came back from emergency c-section. 


I learned how to get in the shape I wanted to WITHOUT obsessing over it. 


This is the key to having a fit body, healthier habits and lifestyle, while not sacrificing my marriage, family, or career to get it.


And it's in only three days a week, sometimes four if I was stepping on stage. 


This is for you if you want a trusted training plan to take to the gym and get results.  


Results without missing out on the more important things in life, like date nights, recitals, advancing your career, family time, adventures, lowering stress, etc.


I want to not only have my best health and physique, but I want to be the best wife, mom, and business owner I can be, too.


I can't be in the gym 5-6 days a week and have that life...


but I CAN with The Three Day Body.  


It allows me to be in the shape that I want, without compromising the other areas of my life, too.


Especially if you are a business owner or professional like me that doesn't have the time to hang out in gyms everyday.  Or maybe you just have a lot on your plate.  Either way, there is no reason to make training and nutrition more difficult or frustrating.


So you get more than just a training program, you get the lifestyle you've been wanting, but just didn't know how to get it. 


This system simplifies it. 


If you are looking around for home workouts or something that's just easy, then this isn't your cup of tea.  


It's only three hours, but it's three hours of guidance, growth, and transformation.  How freeing is it that you don't need to waste ANY MORE OF YOUR TIME?


This is about controlling your own intensity for the results you want in minimal time with lifting weights with a fully equipped gym.  I give you all the tools. 


You get descriptive workouts for different foot placements, hand placements, how to initiate movements, and truly connect with your body for ultimate transformation.


It's literally the same workouts I do and the notes I take so you are always challenged. It's never the same workout twice, so your body never gets used to it.  


The Three-Day Body has helped everyone from people who have to sit at a desk to those who lift professionally.


We have seen people lose 50 pounds, feel strong and empowered, lower their blood pressure, help people get back precious time that's spent in the gym, gain confidence and love their body.


A lot of our customers love that even if they're busy, it's easy to find time just three day per week to workout. 


The workouts can be about an hour long each if you want to go hard and get max results.  You can also shorten them like I do sometimes, and just make it work for you!


My nutrition guide is here too.  There are the macros I like, or how to get results without even counting.  Pretty awesome, right?


It's just doesn't need to be that complicated.  


So after learning the hard way... I simplified it so you can get the body you want in only three hours a week... so you can enjoy the rest of your life, too. 


Fitness isn't my obsession... a high performing balanced life is. 


Can't wait to see you inside!





PS:  Yes, you do need a gym to get these kind of results and lifestyle in only three hours per week.  This is not for home workouts.



"Between my older daughter starting high school, working long hours and training for a triathlon, I need to spend less time in the gym for strength training and bodybuilding. A 3-day training workout fits perfectly into my current goals.Optimal training in less time will give me more time to swim, bike and run, while being able to body build. A lot of people are very busy. They can fit this into their busy lifestyle." - Kon

Here's What You Get


  • UNLIMITED ACCESS TO unique strength training programs for only THREE DAYS a week

  • Very minimal cardio

  • Learn how to get lean, strong, and fit in only THREE days a week

  • Tips on what to eat and when to eat for maximum results

  • The body you want in only three days a week.
  • Ab workouts from 3 minutes to 10 minutes long

  • Workouts you can do for years and years to come!
  • App to take the workout with you to the gym.
  • Feedback support in the app from me!




  • Less obsession, greater results!
  • Goodbye frustration and hello results!

  • Saying goodbye to fad diets!

  • Get the body you want in less time.

  • More time to spend where you want to because you aren't living in the gym... it's only 3 hours!

  • Ab workouts from 3 minutes to 10 minutes long.

  • Healthier and more simple nutrition habits without obsession. No more frustration, but FREEDOM.
  • More confidence with a simplified way to train, eat, and live.

  • Overall healthier and happier lifestyle!




But Wait!

There's MORE...

Bonus! Chest and Shoulder Workout from Legendary IFBB Pro John Meadows

Want a stronger chest?  Use this bonus workout to use as an extra training day!

Bonus! Extra Shoulder Workouts

Get rounded, sculpted, and sexy shoulders for men or women! 

Bonus! Personalized Supplement Plan!

Enhance your results with the best, and get your supplements at a discount! You'll get a personalized supplement plan for your unique goals!


What People Are Saying...



"Bailey never needs to step on stage again.  She has all the credibility in the world." Dr. Eric Serrano


 "So I've been pre-hypertensive with my blood pressure the last few times I've had it checked. All my family take BP meds and was told that it was time to get on some meds. So I went to the doc today and the first thing she said was how good I looked and said that I had lost a lot of weight since the last time she saw me. They manually took my blood pressure in both arms and said  I've worked my way into having great blood pressure and lost 50 pounds.  Just wanted to say thank you!" - Mr. Kelly 


 "For years, I have followed Bailey's page for encouragement and motivation. Feb 18 2021 was my waking moment. Bailey put together a regimented plan and we started. Day one 244.6lbs 6' tall. She orchestrated everything from my diet, suplements to my workout plan. 2.5 months later, I am down 36.4 lbs, and outside of my boxing days the best shape of my life... in only 2.5 months!!! What impresses me the most, my boxing days consisted of 2 a days, normally an 1hr in the AM and 2 hours in the PM. with a family now, I workout 3 days a week for an 1hr a day. listen, we all have dieted before and lost weight, but having a coach, someone to encourage you and congratulate you on milestones, that's priceless!!!! ABSOLUTE BEST TRAINER PERIOD!!!! Thank you Bailey for all that you do!!!!" - Ryan 


"Without hesitating, Bailey accepted the challenge to simplify and balance a season of life that had me in a tailspin. A full-time career, full-time grad school, traveling, and client meetings overwhelmed my daily demands.  But I wanted more.  I wanted LIFE.  So I turned to Bailey. She dug further than skin deep.  As we began unlocking physical, mental, and spiritual roadblocks, Bailey provided the tools and encouragement needed to work through them.  My diet and training both simplified as I actually began eating more and spending less time working out.  Bailey’s primary focus is living life on purpose outside of the gym and this concept is at the forefront of her training approach – Everything in life is done with intention. Fast forward one year, a job change, fitness competition, 30 pounds less, and I’ve never felt more confident of God’s path for me.  I looked to Bailey for a jump-start on life, and received so much more." - Janessa


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  • 12 Week Jump Start Challenge!
  • Plus 24/7 Access to all my Workouts for Ultimate Results
  • Quick Start Guide so you can start TODAY
  • Intensity Kick Start Guide: Need a slower start? How you EASE into your training to feel empowered and stronger EVERY SINGLE WEEK!
  • My favorite macro's for the stage.
  • Download to never count calories again. Goodbye counting, hello LIFE.
  • Simple Nutrition Hacks: It's what the pro's use!
  • Personalized Supplement Plan at a discount!