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"This course gave me many tools to use to assess goals and how to best achieve those goals. Informing us the importance of assessing our life as we evolve. These methods can be used for both professional and personal life!"

- Mark, Chief Auditor

"Made me step back and think how to better myself mentally, physically, and overall well-being!"


- Scott, Lawyer and Business Owner

"Bailey is a simplification specialist!"

- Ryan Niddel, Entrepreneur and Author

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Professional Finally Learns to Enjoy His Life and Even Make More Money While Being Healthier and Happier.

Hey. I know you.


I know you because I used to BE YOU.


Have you been hustling yourself so hard, you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be balanced, successful, and happy?


Or maybe you are super successful, but too busy hustling to actually enjoy the better things in life? Like a happier marriage, family, and healthier than ever. 


You need something different.


Something that simplifies everything that is going on, and not just in business, but your overall happiness too.


Usually you can get someone to help you with your personal life and your professional life, but they need to co-exist together for overall success.  Not just a great business, and not just great personal life.  


You really can have it all.  And I teach it, show it, coach it, and live it.


Grow your overall success in business, life, and family without being busier


If you have been struggling to juggle all the balls (get your mind out of the gutter, ha!), and not getting the life you thought you signed up for, it’s not your fault. I bet you just didn’t know the secret system to make it easier for yourself. 


I bet you have been doing most of this by yourself and learning what you can, doing everything you can, hoping things will slow down so you can focus on the things that really make you happy, have date nights again, be with your kids before they grow up with you, achieve dreams, go on adventures, get in the best shape of your life, and to  make more money than ever before. 


You want to enjoy your life, not just wait for things to slow down or return to normal.  You want to grow old with your husband or wife, and love every second of each other.  You want to see your kids growing to be happy, healthy, and independent, and how they look to YOU for that. 


It’s HARD having a business.


It’s even harder having a business and a family, plus wanting to be healthy, strong, and balanced. 


You have dreams and goals, but sweetheart, sometimes it takes more than a vision board, to-do lists, fancy apps,  and goal sheets to get you to where you really could be. It’s so easy to get lost in keeping up with it all, that you lose sight of what you WANT MOST.


You want a successful professional life and personal life, but how to balance both?


Chief Auditor Mark Long stated, “This gave me many tools to use to assess goals and how to best achieve those goals. Informing me  the importance of assessing my  life as I evolve. These methods can be used for both professional and personal life!”


The most successful people look to do it all, but to do it without compromising well-being and relationships. 


The awesome part is that it takes one hour per week to start. 


One hour. You can do that. 


The people that are held back are trying to do it all themselves!


You think you already know what to do and how to get to where you want to be! You know what you want, or maybe you’ve even forgotten to dream again.


You feel the frustration of wanting to have consistency in your life, but it’s always a rush and always fires to put out. Oh, and then there is dinner and kids activities too, and then fitting in taking better care of yourself. You know you’ve been saying that every year that you want to be healthy and fit. (Don’t deny it!).


You’ve been doing it all mostly by yourself for too long. Just trying to survive, just trying to do your best.


You have been working soooo hard. Do you know that some of the most successful people in the world weren’t born that way?  It wasn’t given to them, but they’ve overcome challenges, adversity, and trained their minds and habits to get them to become that way.  None of it was free.


But what if you worked even SMARTER than what you’ve been learning about in books? That it isn’t an expense at all, but an investment.  An investment into your own hard work, your own business, your own goals, your own family, your own marriage, and your own adventures to whatever you want to do with your personal and professional life. 


What if you’ve been working so hard, but you’ve been giving yourself the limitations? What would it feel like if you could REMOVE those limits?  What could you do then? What kind of life would you have then?


It’s easy to learn new limits and set yourself back, but what if you broke them over and over again? 


It’s like the horse that was tied to flimsy plastic chair didn’t try to leave, because his own limit was indeed in his mind.  What if I showed you the cheap plastic chairs in your life that your life has been built on?


Eeeeks. We are getting personal here, I know.


Because it is personal.


It bleeds from personal life into business, and from business into your personal life. 


But it’s not your fault.  You probably didn’t know.  I know in my early career I didn’t know either. I knew the pain and struggle all too well. This training helps you rise above it. 


I struggled to the point of my physical and mental self SHUT DOWN.  I was forbidden to exercise more than walk on a treadmill, and blacked out during simple yoga. I went from running a business, caring for my dad over 2 hours away diagnosed with ALS, running a business, newly married, new mom, and to my biggest goal was to simply sleep and nap as much as possible because everything in me broke down that bad. 


I tried doing it all, and I CRASHED HARD because I thought I just needed to keep working harder and learning how to do it better all on my own.  I bought all the programs, books, and attended the workshops to piece it all together. 


Praise God I’ve uncovered it all.  That it was never supposed to be THAT hard. 


I really did learn the hard way, but you don’t have to.


It’s not your fault.


You didn’t know how important it is to have a supportive spouse, and to pour into your marriage, and what happens if you only give it your leftovers.


You didn’t know that you slowly grow apart if you don’t become intentional to make it work.  It never happens because of the one bad ‘act’. It’s a slow fade.


It’s time to stop the slow fade. It’s time to have a healthy and happy marriage full of desire and connection.


Maybe you didn’t know how to achieve more in less time, so you didn’t live frantic and in chaos.  You didn’t know that your kids watched you live like that, to where chaos and being busy was the only thing they knew, and grew up before you even blinked. 


It’s not  your fault that you are missing out.  


You want to take an amazing trip, but you feel like you can’t step away from your work or your business. Imagine the power and renewal you would have if you allowed yourself to and actually made that happen!

Just imagine the possibilities!


People that schedule time to renew their mind and body are more successful than their peers, have better health, better relationships, and make more money. 

That is a fact, backed up by research!


Maybe you didn’t know that busyness is NOT good for your business, your marriage, or your family. That busyness can actually be a distraction from the more important things in your life and people use it to avoid those very things.


It’s time to stop with busyness. It’s time to enjoy your life, not avoid it, not rush through it.  Not trying to do it all by your own damn self. 


You’ve been wanting success, health, and happiness, and here it is. 


Now is the time to approach your professional life and personal life differently. 


It’s not about pressing the pause button or waiting for things to calm down or slow down because you know that it doesn’t happen.


Only you have that control and I want to teach you, make you visualize it, make you feel all the feels, and live it. 


I say I want to make you live it, but I can’t.  No matter how much somebody else wants it for you, you can’t have it until you truly want it yourself. No trainer can give you the body you want, no coach can give you the business you want, only YOU can. 


This is your ticket to see it, get it, and LIVE it. 


This is your ticket to have overall success, happiness, health, well-being, in your professional and personal life. 


And I’m not offering for this for very long because it’s for only a short time opening this window to pour into people that want the best of their personal life and professional life.  The ones who don’t want to wait. The ones who understand the importance of investing into their overall success.  


I simplify things.


We are not about to complicate it by jumping hoops if you wait too long to join. This is about to start, and when it does, that’s when I pour into you, guiding you to have that overall success and removing the frustrations. 


Your time is now. 


Don't’ wait til your stress levels go through the roof like mine did. 


Don’t wait til you are so busy you forgot to have fun.  


Don’t wait to invest into your marriage… or future marriage.


Don’t wait to teach your kids what true success looks like.


Your time is now to get poured into.


I know where you are.


You’ve been exhausting yourself and pouring out.  Where here is a time that I will be pouring into you.  Someone that has already walked where you are right now, and has overcome.  


If you had your future self in front of you, that has already accomplished what you want to do, what would they be saying right now? Your future self would be telling you to do this.  Your future self would be telling you to stop making this harder on yourself. 


We will be going in depth talking to your future self and how to use that as a guide. 


By signing up today, you’ll get one hour per week of training, tools, and exercises to overcome.  

I don’t work well with people who say they want one thing, yet do nothing or give up quickly.  I’m sorry, I just can’t help you.  If that’s you, then please don’t even consider signing up.  


Don’t take action either if you can’t give at least one hour per week investing into yourself professionally and personally.  Remain where you are if you want. If you don’t invest, you don’t move forward, and again, I can’t help you. 


However, if you are wanting more to your professional life and personal life, and are going to commit to at least one hour a week to do so and to have me supporting you, then sign up because you are in the right place. 


If you don’t sign up, you are leaving time, money, and happiness on the table.  You'll be procrastinating where you really could be.  


What does your future self want for you? Would he be wanting you to stay where you are, or working with someone who has been where you are.  Your future self wants you to move forward.


Your future self would not be happy if you waited or passed this up.


It's time to meet your future self!


Sign up and I”ll introduce you, and show you how to meet them in much faster time than if you kept doing this on your own. 


You have nothing to lose. If you don’t have an increase of joy for both your professional life and personal life, then you can have your money back, however you do need to complete the training, tools, and actually implement them. If you did, then you can have 100% back. 

- Bailey


"Bailey is a transformational artist!" -Tony Robbins Team

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"This course gave me many tools to use to assess goals and how to best achieve those goals. Informing us the importance of assessing our life as we evolve. These methods can be used for both professional and personal life!"

- Mark, Chief Auditor

"Made me step back and think how to better myself mentally, physically, and overall well-being!"


- Scott, Lawyer and Business Owner

"Bailey is a simplification specialist!"

- Ryan Niddel, Entrepreneur and Author